Interior design plays a crucial role in creating a harmonious, welcoming space. Choosing the right colors can completely transform the atmosphere of a room. If you’re planning interior design projects in Montreal in 2023, it’s essential to know what colors are on trend to create a modern, stylish space. In this article, we’ll introduce you to this year’s most popular colors and give you tips on how to incorporate them into your décor.


1. Deep navy blue shade:


Navy blue is a timeless color that continues to be very popular in 2023. This deep, rich hue brings a sophisticated, soothing atmosphere to any room. It can be used as an accent color on a wall, or even as the dominant color in a bedroom or living room. Pair navy blue with neutral tones like off-white or beige to create an elegant, modern contrast.


2. Olive green shade:


Olive green is gaining in popularity this year. This natural hue brings a touch of freshness and calm to your space. Use olive green on the walls of a kitchen or dining room to create a warm, friendly atmosphere. Complement this color with natural wood accents and indoor plants for a soothing, organic aesthetic.


3. Your warm teracotta:


Earth tones, such as teracotta shades, are very popular this year. This type of color brings a warm, comforting ambience to your home. Use teracotta tones on the walls of a living room or bedroom to create a welcoming atmosphere. Pair it with natural textures like linen or leather for a modern, bohemian feel.


4. Soothing light grey:


Light gray is a neutral color that remains timeless and versatile. Use it as the dominant color in a room to create a soothing, elegant base. Light grey is particularly suited to small spaces, as it creates the illusion of openness and brightness. Pair it with bright color accents, such as mustard yellow or teal blue, to add a dynamic touch to your decor.


5. Powder pink hue:


Powder pink is a soft, delicate color that’s gaining in popularity this year. Use this romantic hue in a bedroom or bathroom to create a soothing, feminine atmosphere. Powder pink blends well with neutral tones like white or gray for a subtle, elegant aesthetic.




When planning your interior design in Montreal 2023, it’s important to keep trendy colors in mind. Navy blue, olive green, teracotta tones, light gray and powder pink are some of the most popular colors this year. Whether you want to create a sophisticated, warm or soothing ambience, these colors will help you transform your space into a modern, stylish place. Don’t be afraid to experiment and add your own personal touch to your décor by using these trendy colors.

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