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Peintres Montréal Inc. accompanies you in all your institutional painting projects in Montreal and its surroundings. We are committed to achieving a successful and long-lasting paint, regardless of the complexity of its application. Our qualified painters are accustomed to carrying out meticulous work while limiting the disruption of your activities. Our various services are competitively priced and you don’t have to pay your quote.

Why seek the intervention of an institutional painter?

Institutional paint must be of excellent quality as appearance conditions the brand image of an institution. Painters Montreal Inc. reassure you at this level.

Benefit from the services of an institutional painter who operates with great precision and uses a process that optimizes the realization of the painting, whether in terms of deadlines or quality. This professional refreshes the walls and ceilings of your establishment in accordance with the requirements of the standards imposed in Canada. It takes into account your needs, but also the general disposition of the place to be revived. A great deal of expertise then goes into the creation of an institutional painting.

When you call on an expert service provider, the quality of the products used is guaranteed. This professional understands that an institutional building is used a lot and requires resistant paint. You can expect flawless and quick work with your institutional painter.

The intervention of a specialist also guarantees the safety of the agents on duty and that of all those present in the place to be renovated. You can also be reassured about the cleanliness of the space around the areas to be painted. Another advantage lies in the provision of the necessary products and materials at a lower cost.

The interest of institutional painting

  • Promotion of the institution to occupants and visitors;
  • The speed of the work, whatever the size of the establishment and the number of rooms to be painted;
  • Painting expressing the principles and values ​​of the institution;
  • The specific paint promising a longer hold;
  • Complete cleaning of the place included in the service;
  • The possibility of continuing activities within the institution while the work is being carried out;
  • The precision of the process used;
  • The exceptional quality of the products, those used by Peintres Montreal Inc. are not dangerous for the environment.

The process of our institutional painting services

  • Consulting your project;
  • Free estimate and transparent quote;
  • Establishment of a protection system for all during the work;
  • Stripping of surfaces to be painted;
  • Repair of walls in case of the presence of cracks, holes and damaged plaster;
  • Cleaning according to the needs of the surfaces to be painted;
  • Application of products according to the needs of the surfaces to be painted: primer, paint coat;
  • General cleaning of the place after the work;
  • Other tasks related to the realization;

The fields of intervention of our institutional painters

We operate across Canada, but we particularly target institutions based in Montreal and the surrounding area. We count among our clients in the institutional sector schools, hospitals, childcare centers and many more … We take care of the interior and exterior painting of these establishments according to demand. Our institutional painting services generally cover the following:

  • Walls;
  • Classic ceilings and structural ceilings;
  • Classroom;
  • Desktop;
  • Waiting room;
  • Corridors;
  • Cage and downstairs;
  • Steps and ramps;
  • Operating room;
  • Doors and windows;
  • Floor;

How to use our services?

If you have a painting project for your establishment in and around Montreal, Peintres Montreal Inc. is your best choice. We reserve a professional intervention for you with our equipped mobile units. Our products do not present any risk of toxicity. In all the work done, we act as quickly as possible to avoid disruption of your activities.

Visit our website to learn more about our different services. Tell us about your expectations and we will provide you with our estimate for free. You will have the opportunity to directly discuss your project and your painting needs with our expert painters.

We remain at your disposal at all times. Contact us online by email or phone if you wish to request our intervention for the painting of the interior or exterior of your establishment. You can also trust us for your residential or commercial painting projects in Montreal.

Get a free estimate in less than 24 hours

Get a quote in less than 24 hours

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