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Thinking of repainting the walls of your factory? Painters Montreal Inc. is at your service to carry out your project. We provide you with experienced and well-equipped industrial painters to guarantee your satisfaction. We operate in the cities of Montreal, Laval and Longueuil, in Quebec. Our rates are also among the most interesting in the region. Discover our services.

What services do we offer in the field of industrial painting?

You can call on Peintres Montréal Inc. for the interior and exterior painting of your factory, whatever the height of the walls, as well as certain equipment. We work on the following media:

  • Concrete or gypsum walls;
  • Concrete floors;
  • Embossed steel cladding ceilings;
  • Ventilation and heating ducts.

We also paint the various parts of the building, in particular the bathroom, the refectory, the various offices and the hall. We also carry out the tracing of security lines. Finally, we give you the choice between several types of paint to meet your tastes and the needs of your brand.

Why paint your industrial building?

Aside from the aesthetic aspect, we especially recommend that you paint or renovate your factory paint for the following practical reasons.

A good image of the brand

The quality of your products is mostly judged by the appearance of your factory. A ruined building with the paintings full of cracks could arouse doubt in the public. It kind of reflects the state of society.

On the other hand, a clean and well-maintained building inspires more consumer confidence. This encourages them to turn to your brand and thus increases your popularity rating. In other words, it is good for the bottom line.

A harmonious and secure environment for employees

Your employees will be delighted to work in a harmonious and peaceful environment. They’ll be more willing to put in the effort knowing that you care about their well-being. This increases their productivity as well as their loyalty to you.

In addition, the safety lines that we can draw on certain media considerably limit the risk of accidents. The workers will work more calmly and you will avoid many problems.

Saving energy

Light colored, clean walls are great energy boosters. They also bring joy and good humor to the group and improve mental health. Finally, they limit electricity consumption by optimizing the natural sunlight during the day. The company’s expenses will thus be reduced over the long term.

In short, painting seems like a big investment, especially if it’s a tall building. The positive consequences for finances may not be immediately obvious. But you will see the fruits of your efforts in the long run.

Protection of supports against external aggressions

Substrates, in particular walls, floors or even equipment such as ducts, in factories are generally exposed to chemicals, high temperature or even grease. It is therefore important to protect them with specific coatings such as industrial paints to ensure their durability.

These products indeed contain protective substances such as anti-corrosion pigments (contained in undercoats or primers). You can also choose between matt, gloss or high gloss finishes. The last option is the one that reflects the most light. It should therefore be favored for optimal lighting.

To adapt the colors of the building to those of your company

Have you just purchased an industrial building? Also call Peintres Montréal Inc. if you want to change the colors of the walls to adapt them to those of your company. This is important so that locals can immediately recognize your brand by relying on the colors of the buildings. It also increases your notoriety in your city of presence and encourages the most curious to try your products.

Why call Peintres Montréal Inc. for the painting work in your factory?

Serious and competent professionals

We provide you with professionals with experience in the field of industrial painting. They apply innovative and effective techniques to guarantee the quality of their work and therefore your satisfaction.

These experts also know the standards and regulations in force in Canada with regard to the construction sector. There is thus no risk of problems in the event of an inspection. Finally, we are committed to delivering clean sites on time.

Professional equipment and a reasonable price

We equip our professionals with the best equipment and tools so that they can meet your every expectation. For example, they can paint your ceilings, whatever their height. These materials also allow them to reach the most difficult to access areas for a uniform rendering on all surfaces.

Regarding our prices, you will hardly find better elsewhere in Quebec. Our goal is to offer all companies the possibility of repainting their premises with a minimum of budget. We also work for your institutional, residential and commercial painting projects.

An optimized and safe operating mode for existing installations

Our professionals start by installing the safety devices in order to delimit the areas to be painted. This avoids staining the floor, windows or furniture. They also prepare the surfaces to be treated, in particular stripping or cleaning.

We then apply the appropriate undercoats or plasters, respecting the recommended break times. Finally, we paint and then apply the protective and finishing coats. Note that we use quality products that guarantee the durability of the coating. We also clean the site before delivering it.

To conclude

We will be happy to provide you with experienced and competent professional painters to paint your industrial, commercial, institutional and residential buildings. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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