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What is drywall?

Drywall is a lightweight, easy-to-install element that creates a partition in one room to create two independent rooms. Thus, a wall is created without you having to use cement, water or sand. The qualification “dry” comes from the fact that its realization does not require any liquid element like mortar.

Unlike conventional walls, drywall is not designed to support the house. It is not part of the framework of a building and it is more fragile than a wall. Drywall can be used for many purposes and is easy to install and move thanks to its light weight.

The advantages of using drywall

You must be wondering what the point of using drywall is rather than erecting a wall. First, its lightness plays a huge role in your favor. Indeed, it can be installed as a room divider on the upper floors without creating excess weight for the structure.

Second, their installation is quick and easy. Because it is thinner than a brick wall, you save space, especially if your house is relatively narrow. Finally, drywall has effective thermal and sound insulation properties.

The different types of drywall

There are different types of drywall which each differ in their use. Four types are generally used.

Drywall made of plasterboard

This type of partition is particularly popular for its sound insulation efficiency. It is also possible to integrate electrical ducts as well as the heating piping. Its fire resistance is average.

Drywall in particle board

Particleboard drywall is made of strips that stick together easily thanks to the presence of tongue and grooves. This type of partition can be installed quickly and easily with wood glue.

Drywall in honeycomb panels

This type of partition is also easy to install. Mounted on a wooden frame, it is light and moves easily. It is even the lightest model of all. The drywall in honeycomb panels is ideal for separating rooms on upper floors.

Openwork drywall

It is a partition made of wood, concrete elements, terracotta, polymer and metal. The perforated drywall makes it possible to delimit spaces without completely blocking sound and light.

Peintres Montréal Inc., your ally for the installation and repair of drywall

When your drywall starts to show signs of wear, it’s important to repair it before the damage spreads. For your drywall repair work, you can trust Peintres Montréal Inc. to carry out even the most arduous tasks.

We have a highly qualified team for the installation, installation and repair of your drywall. We carefully examine all your partitions to detect all wear and signs of wear. We use all our know-how and complete equipment to ensure that your drywall looks like new and gets a second life.

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