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Our expert painters take care of the exterior painting of your homes, commercial and industrial premises. Exterior paint is especially important as it is the first item visitors see on your building. The applied product plays both the role of decor and protection of your facades. Discover our services in their entirety.

An estimate in the field for a precise estimate

The real difficulty in exterior painting work lies in estimating the estimate. Indeed, although customers show a photo of their home, it is difficult to accurately assess certain details such as the condition of the facades, the roof and various other elements to be painted. It is also difficult to get a real idea of ​​the extent of the work to be done.

This is why we are carrying out a field survey so that our appraisers can see the property or the room to be painted in real life. This will allow us to give an accurate estimate, which will avoid any unpleasant surprises when you see the final invoice.

By providing you with a detailed and precise estimate, our estimators will be able to adjust it according to your budget and your deadlines. Do not hesitate to ask questions of our specialists. They will be happy to answer all your questions.

Preparation of exterior coatings to be painted or repainted

Repainting the exterior of buildings and houses requires well-defined preliminary steps to ensure the quality and durability of the paint applied. This also allows the facades and exterior elements to be optimally protected against attacks from the sun, rain and wind.

Among these preparations, the stripping of the old layer of paint is essential. This step requires care and application in order to completely detach all of the old paint.

It is also necessary to renew the sealant around the windows in order to guarantee their watertightness for the next few years. Repairing the woodwork and roof surfaces is also necessary before starting to paint.

Our professional painters also take the weather into account before starting paint jobs. Indeed, the exterior painting must be carried out under specific conditions in order to dry optimally.

Painting residential and commercial facades, and more

At Peintres Montréal Inc., we don’t just paint the walls of your homes and your commercial and industrial premises. Our services extend to all elements in wood, iron and galvanized sheet. We also paint your roofs.

Wood paint

It is important to properly paint your exterior trim. Indeed, our products serve both to give the wood a certain aesthetic, but also to protect it against rotting.

Our processes vary depending on the condition of the wood, its species and its age. However, our technicians only process it in good weather, when the temperature exceeds 10 ° C and when the wood has taken the time to dry properly after winter.

In short, many criteria come into play in the painting of exterior wood and each must be taken into account in order to preserve the woodwork as much as possible. Depending on the condition of the wood, we will determine if an oil, water-based or stain paint would work best. Either way, you can trust us completely for this kind of task.

Galvanized sheet painting

There are many old buildings made of galvanized metal in Montreal and its surroundings. We are prepared to repaint these structures if necessary. Galvanized sheet is easily exposed to temperature variations in hot weather or in winter. In order to resist these significant variations, special paint is applied to this type of metal.

Usually, this kind of structure is located at a certain height from buildings. We have the appropriate equipment to carry out work at height in complete safety. Ladders, nacelles, scaffolding and various protective equipment are available to our professional painters.

Wrought iron painting

We also paint your wrought iron elements. Whether it’s your metal fences, metal stairs, or any metal structure that needs a new coat of paint, we are the experts for you.

To ensure optimal stripping, we use sophisticated and efficient technologies to quickly remove old paint. By using our services, all your wrought iron elements will be as resplendent as when they were new.

Why trust us for your exterior painting work?

Qualified and experienced painters

By choosing Peintres Montréal Inc., you are sure to call on highly qualified professionals who have many years of experience in the field of exterior painting. No project will exceed their capacity and you will get professional and satisfying results. Our painters excel in all types of work and structures: brick, concrete, wood facades, doors, windows, stairs, cornices, half-timbering, dormers and all wrought iron elements.

Guaranteed and quality work

Our painters put all their know-how and experience into your exterior painting projects, whatever their size. They do not neglect any stage of the work and guarantee you a quality result. With Peintres Montréal Inc., you can be sure that your painting work will be both aesthetic and durable.

Complete exterior painting services

We are specialists in exterior painting and our achievements are numerous throughout Montreal and its surroundings. What sets us apart from the competition? We offer comprehensive services including:

  • Preparation of surfaces to be painted;
  • Painting of facades, patios, terraces, fences, railings and all wrought iron elements;
  • Painting doors and windows;
  • Painting aluminum coatings;
  • Painting of cornices and dormers;
  • Complete cleaning of the premises after our visit.

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