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Peintres Montréal Inc. is your contact for all your residential painting work in Montreal. Our team guarantees you quality, careful work that meets your demands.

We provide you with a professional, conscientious and specialized team. Our technicians have years of experience and have completed countless painting projects in apartments and homes.

Ceilings, walls, wrought iron, cornices, moldings, terrace, balcony and other elements constituting a property, our technicians are equipped with the materials and techniques adapted to carry out the work quality in your homes.

Preparation: an essential step

Before we tackle the actual painting of your home, we go through various preliminary steps.

Estimate and quote

When presenting your painting project, we put you in touch with our professional painters estimators. We make a direct descent on the place of your residence in order to carry out a field study of the works.

With this inventory, we are able to establish a quote that will agree with the final invoice. Indeed, we will have an overview of the scope of the work, the difficulty of the tasks and the time needed to complete the painting.

Please note that this estimate is free. In addition, we are open to all your questions once there.

Purchasing products

The advantage with Peintres Montréal Inc. is that we offer you turnkey offers for your residential painting work. By letting us take charge of your projects from A to Z, we can guarantee the quality of the finish and the durability of the work.

We are purchasing all the necessary equipment. We collaborate with the biggest brands of water and oil paints for interior and exterior. Rest assured: we offer you the best possible quality for a dazzling and resplendent home.

Protection of the elements of the house

You don’t have to worry about your furniture, flooring, and any areas that shouldn’t be painted. Our technicians take care of covering with a thick tarpaulin all your internal elements such as the floor or the furniture and furnishings.

We also cover light fixtures, sockets, switches and baseboards so that no splash can get them dirty. As for the exterior, your doors, windows and your exterior floor are perfectly protected. In the event that paint accidentally spills on the floor, we do a full cleaning to make it as spotless as before our visit.

Preparation of surfaces to be painted

It is necessary to prepare the surface to be painted, especially on an old residence. This step is key to the quality of the finish and the durability of the new coat of paint.

Whether it is exterior or interior painting, we proceed to cleaning and scraping surfaces, repairing deteriorated plasters, sanding walls in case of imperfections caused by the ‘old coat of paint…

Interior and exterior paint

For the painting of your new home or the renovation of your old property, you can completely trust Peintres Montréal Inc. We offer you complete interior and exterior painting services for your home with an inexpensive, tailor-made turnkey option.

Interior residential painting

Here are the main residential interior painting services that we offer at Peintres Montréal Inc.:

  • Painting walls and ceilings;
  • Painting of all doors and windows;
  • Repair of plasters and joints;
  • Application of stain and varnish for interior woodwork;
  • Painting the brick walls.

For all these interior painting jobs, we proceed:

  • To cover your furniture, floors, all objects with a tarpaulin or plastic film impermeable to water or oil paint;
  • The careful preparation of all surfaces to be painted before painting;
  • Full cleaning of parts after finishing painting work.

We also pay special attention to parts that are used more frequently than others. These include the kitchen and the bathroom. We use special paints which are stronger, tolerate more regular washing and withstand higher humidity.

Exterior residential painting

Impeccable quality residential exterior paint is mandatory in order to protect the walls and exterior elements from the elements and ensure their maximum longevity. Peintres Montréal Inc. offers residential exterior painting services which are as follows:

  • Painting on coating of cement, brick, aggregate, vinyl, aluminum and various metals;
  • Painting of doors and windows;
  • Painting garage doors, whether metal or aluminum;
  • Spray painting service if needed;
  • Repair of plasters and joints;
  • Balcony sealer.

In order to adapt to the climate and temperatures in Montreal and Canada, exterior painting work is generally done between mid-May and the end of September. The application and drying of some products require a temperature above 2 ° C.

Why choose Peintres Montréal Inc?

Peintres Montréal Inc. is the service provider you need for your residential painting projects in Montreal. Here are some good reasons that should be enough to convince you.

Your satisfaction: our priority

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. When we do your work, we work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction. You have a say in the choice of color and we give you advice on current trends.

Expert and professional painters

Our team is made up of professional painters with many years of experience in the field of residential painting. Our expert painters put their know-how at your disposal to bring you complete satisfaction in their work. There is nothing too complex for us.

In addition, our painters have the skills to work on different types of surfaces, whether it is your roof, vinyl siding, concrete wood balcony or brick. Our technicians know all the standards to be respected in painting in Canada.

Professionalism, a quality that is dear to us

Demonstrating professionalism is an essential quality that we instill in all of our teams. First of all, we are committed to respecting the deadlines for completion of the work that we initially set with you. No delay, even for a day, is tolerated.

We also carefully prepare all surfaces to be painted before moving on to the actual painting. Cleaning, stripping, possible repairs, we will not leave your surfaces in their current state, knowing how to paint them.

Finally, our teams take care to properly cover your furniture and all the elements of the house that will not be painted. You won’t have to worry about a splash on your carpet or floor. In addition, we carry out a complete cleaning of the premises after finishing the painting work.

Quality products

If many clients have chosen Peintres Montréal Inc, it is for the quality of the work and the efficiency that our expert painters demonstrate. We select for you the best products that exist on the market so that our painting work will last over the years. You won’t have to repaint your homes every year.

We collaborate with the reference brands in the field of painting for a highly professional result. You don’t have to worry about your budget, however. Our estimators study for you the best compromise between quality and price in order to satisfy you at all levels.

Complete services

At Peintres Montréal Inc., we don’t just do residential painting projects. Our professional painters have complete know-how and the necessary experience to take charge of all your commercial or industrial painting jobs.

Thus, we do not limit ourselves to residential painting, but we intervene in all the painting work of buildings, premises and your industrial areas. With us, there are no too large or too small jobs. We have all the necessary equipment to work even at great heights.

Services for all budgets

Peintres Montréal Inc. takes your budget into account when establishing the estimate. We make sure to put in place affordable rates that are affordable to all budgets, whether individuals or businesses.

We offer services that are among the cheapest on the market while ensuring the quality of our work. Customers are our priority and minimizing your expenses while providing you with the best is our goal.

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