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Planning to repaint the interior or exterior of your business premises? Painters Montreal Inc. is the company for you if the building is located in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil or the surrounding area. We put at your service qualified and experienced professionals in the field who will offer a rendering that meets your expectations. But why call on a professional for this mission and what are our services?

Why hire a professional to paint your business premises?

We always recommend that you hire a professional to paint the interior or exterior of your commercial buildings.

The quality of the rendering

Painting remains above all an art which requires talent, but above all the application of several specific techniques. A qualified professional knows the various practical tips to spread the paint correctly or to choose the tools and the products according to the support and the expected result.

He also learned during his training the different stages of preparation and finishing adapted to each situation, in particular the condition of the wall or the temperature and humidity conditions. The result is a perfectly smooth, flawless and durable paint.

The desired effects

A modern and original painting, indoors as well as outdoors, is always more attractive and provides a welcoming and clean environment. Only a professional painter can perfectly reproduce the effects you want to create.

Do you want to create a chic, but relaxed style or an ombré effect at the corners? Call in a professional who masters the art to avoid unpleasant surprises. He will know how to play with nuances and colors to offer you a result that meets your expectations. It might even be possible to ask him to reproduce shapes or designs as decoration.

A considerable time saving

Hiring a professional who has experience in the field to paint your building can save you a lot of time. He has indeed had the opportunity to develop tips for working quickly, but effectively over the years of his practice.

He can already imagine the methods he will apply and the tools he will use while you present your idea to him. He can also give you good advice regarding the modifications to be made in the project for an optimal rendering. All this avoids errors during the procedure that could force you to redo everything from the beginning.

Why call Peintres Montréal Inc.?

Qualified, competent and serious professionals

Our commercial painters provide quality services. They listen to your ideas, for a result that meets your needs and desires. However, they can suggest small modifications for convenience or efficiency while remaining true to your preferences.

In addition, these professionals work cleanly and take all the necessary precautions to avoid staining your floors or your furniture. And there is no risk that they will dirty the walls already painted. Finally, they are committed to delivering the sites on time to avoid any stress.

Professional equipment and unbeatable prices

Our commercial painters have the best tools on the market to produce flawless work. They can reach every nook and cranny of the interior or exterior of your room or even to achieve the styles you are looking for.

We offer the best ratio between the price and the quality of the finish, with prices accessible to all. We strive to give everyone the chance to prepare a welcoming place for their customers.

Our commercial painting services

Above all, we offer a free estimate of your project to give you an idea of what to expect in relation to expenses or the duration of the work. We also take care of all the stages of preparation of the support in order to guarantee the durability of the paint. For example, we take care of the stripping and repair of the walls as well as the necessary corrections to be made to the surface.

We then apply a primer before painting. This promotes good adhesion and strength of the paint and helps prevent chipping and cracking over time. In addition, all the products we use are of superior quality. Finally, we clean the premises when we have finished our work.

What are the different types of paint?

Acrylic or water-based paint

Acrylic paint is currently the most used and therefore the most found on the market. It is solvent-free which makes it healthier and more ecological. In addition, it dries quickly and does not emit unpleasant odors. It is washable with water, but not washable. Its price is also a little higher.

Glycero paint

Commonly known as an oil paint, glycero paint is particularly tough. It is therefore also washable. This is the option we recommend for busy places like a store. In addition, many say that it is more aesthetic and warm. We do note, however, that it dries very slowly and has a strong odor since it contains solvent.

Specific paints

Water-based and oil-based paints are not suitable for certain types of substrates which require more protection against bacteria, rust or mold. This is for example the case with wood or metal.

How to choose the right colors for your premises?

The choice of colors depends above all on your tastes, the messages you want to convey and the colors of the company. We still give you some practical advice.

For outdoors

For the facade, we recommend that you opt for warm colors instead. They allow your business to stand out from the crowd and therefore attract more attention. This could significantly increase the number of your customers. It is also possible to turn to the wedding in a sober and lively tone to be noticed without appearing too imposing. It is also the exterior that will mainly have to wear the colors of the company.

For indoor

We recommend cooler shades like white or gray for the interior. These colors bring more elegance and modernity to the place while being warm and friendly. In addition, they offer customers a peaceful environment that could encourage them to buy or consume.

What about the finish?

You have the choice between 3 types of finish:

  • The mat is modern and soft. This is the ideal option to hide wall imperfections or even scratches over the years;
  • Satin is rather classic and allows you to slightly hide small imperfections;
  • The gloss would be the most aesthetic and elegant. However, it easily shows stains, scratches and blemishes.

To finish

Call Painters Montreal Inc. for the painting of your buildings or commercial premises. We promise you stunning results that meet your expectations.

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