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Trust Painters Montreal Inc. to renovate and beautify your Patio & amp; Terrace. We operate in Montreal and the surrounding area. Our team of qualified painters acts with professionalism and ensures quality work, in compliance with trade standards and in accordance with Canadian regulations.

Our Patio & amp; painting services Terrace

Our professional painters can work on freshly built patios and terraces, and can also re-paint a dilapidated courtyard.

For a new patio not yet painted, we use a primer to properly prepare the surface. This enhances the effect of the finishing product to ensure the durability of the result. Our painters also use specific techniques to prevent mold from becoming embedded in the wood.

Likewise when it comes to repainting your patio or your terrace whose appearance has aged over time, you will be satisfied with Peintres Montréal Inc. We take care of the preparation of the surface to be treated with a wash. high pressure, stripping and sandblasting. Even if you choose a paint of another color, there will be no trace of the old one. In any case, a special treatment is applied so that the surface can resist the sun’s rays.

Note that our technicians systematically protect the working environment. We put in place a protective canvas to facilitate the application of the paint, its impregnation and its drying.

The different stages of painting

To give a facelift to your patio or terrace, we intervene with professionalism by proceeding step by step. Before applying the paint, our painters take special care in preparing the surface to be worked on.

This step is important to ensure the quality and durability of the rendering. A specific maintenance treatment and cleaning with a water jet are sometimes useful. For the stripping, we use a special premium exterior product that rinses easily with water.

Once your patio is ready to receive the paint, we begin the installation of the first coat. The areas most exposed to moisture are treated first. We use specific power tools to strip, scrape or sand.

It then takes the time necessary for the paint to dry. We protect it against humidity, dust grains and UV rays throughout the drying process.

The treatment of a problematic surface

Given the harsh climate in Montreal and its surroundings, your patio is often exposed to sometimes inevitable problems: mold, brown, black or gray stains … It is possible that this kind of situation comes back constantly, to the point of alter the paint on the patio.

We can help you eradicate this problem. In particular, we recommend anti-mold products that can be applied even on boards that are too close together. We use special wood conditioners, paint strippers and a very effective cleaning system before painting your problematic patio. We carry out the same treatment for painting wet surfaces such as swimming pool areas.

Quality work adapted to your needs

Painters Montreal Inc. is your trusted partner for painting your Patio & amp; Terrace in Montreal and the surrounding area. We study the condition and conditions of the surface to be painted to ensure quality work suited to your needs.

We put our professionalism at your service and we intervene for any type of painting job. Whatever the size and style of your patio or terrace, our team of professionals guarantees an impeccable paint job.

The new paint on your patio has good long-term protection. In all cases, we take into account the color of the wood to obtain the best result … Whether it is white pine, cedar, teak, hardwood or even red sequoia.

We also anticipate easy maintenance of the entire renovated area. To do this, we provide you with our best advice on choosing the right maintenance products for your patio wood. Your satisfaction is at the center of our priorities.

Peintres Montréal Inc works according to the standards applied in Canada for patio painting. Our Patio & amp; painting services Terrace include:

  • Pre-application cleaning and rinsing;
  • Washing the patio;
  • Applying patio paint;
  • Installation of the protective canvas;
  • The stripping of the patio;
  • Sanding the patio…

How and why to use our services?

Contact us online to use our Patio & amp; Terrace painting services. Painters Montreal Inc. operates throughout Montreal and the surrounding area. Our prices are evaluated as accurately as possible and we always offer you the best options according to your expectations.

Our team is responsive and remains at your disposal to understand and process your requests as soon as possible. We also give you our expert advice if you have any choices to make. We offer our services to both individuals and professionals wishing to paint or repaint their patio.

Our quality control assurance protocol is based on Canadian regulations which are strict and effective. Our painting work is then guaranteed and durable. Our prices are correct to allow you to benefit from our professional services at a suitable price. You can save money by trusting Peintres Montréal Inc. No need to repaint your patio every year.

For all your interior and exterior painting jobs in Montreal, don’t hesitate to visit our official site and ask us for a free quote. Order our painting or staining services on our site.

Finally, our customer support is available at any time if you have questions, requests, comments or advice. We remain at your disposal!

Get a free estimate in less than 24 hours

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