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Our Services

Interior Painter

We put at your disposal the best interior painters in Montreal.

Exterior Painter

Our expert painters take care of the exterior painting of your homes, commercial and industrial premises.

Commercial Painter

Are you planning to repaint the interior or exterior of your business premises? Painters Montreal Inc. is the company for you if the building is located in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil or the surrounding area.

Residential Painter

We provide you with a professional, conscientious and specialized team. Our technicians have years of experience and have completed countless painting projects in apartments and homes.

Why call on professionals for your painting work?

Many people think they can paint their home or their premises on their own. This initiative is full of merit, but there are certain points to be taken into account.

Painting work always involves working at height. If you are poorly equipped, you risk serious accidents. Techniques and dexterity are not the same for a professional and an amateur. You may take longer and waste more paint.

Finally, think about the cleanup that would follow. By hiring a professional painter, you free yourself from this task, but he will also know how to minimize splashing all over the house and in the yard.

Our commitments

Quality work

At Peintres Montréal Inc., we are committed to providing quality services to our clients. We provide you with the best painters and we favor the biggest paint brands. Thus, we guarantee you the quality in our services.

Satisfied customers

The satisfaction of our customers is our watchword. Whether it is the color of the paint, the quality of the finish, the quotation or the duration of the work, we think, above all, of your complete satisfaction. A satisfied customer is our best advertisement to others.

Value any task

At Peintres Montréal Inc., there is no work too big, nor too small. Whatever the size of your projects, you can call on our services. Whether you decide to repaint an entire building or your house fence, we don’t neglect any client. We put all our heart into it to bring you complete satisfaction.

The strengths of our team

A professional team

Professionalism characterizes each member of our team. Conscientious of their tasks and endowed with a sense of meeting imposed deadlines, our employees provide you with a perfectly oiled organization in order to make every minute spent on the site profitable.


At Peintres Montréal Inc., all members of the team of painters are qualified in the profession of interior and exterior painting. Each also has many years of experience, which allows them to cope with any task given to them.

At your service

We are a partner who works first and foremost for you and with you. We’re here to give you our expert painting advice, but we also take your suggestions and suggestions into account.

What are our services?

Interior painting

Peintre Montréal Inc. offers effective solutions for your interior painting work. Our professional painters guarantee an impeccable finish using the best products on the market. Your interior will be bright and free from blemishes.

Our painters carry out your interior painting work with meticulousness and precision. We proceed to the protection of your floors, baseboards, outlets and switches before starting to paint. We also cover the furniture with heavy sheeting so that no part of your interior is affected by the paint splash.

Exterior paint

Exterior painting is one of the most difficult jobs to do around the home and building. Indeed, the paint is the first visible element on a home. It must therefore be done well.

Fortunately, you can trust professionals like Peintres Montreal Inc. to carry out your exterior painting. The tools, the technique, the know-how, the team is well endowed to carry out this far from obvious task.

What services do we offer?

Among our exterior and interior painting services, here are the areas where we offer our services.

In the residential

Do you have a new house to paint or an old house to renovate? Call on us for the painting work. Inside as well as outside, including fences, the patio, the terrace, or the drywall, we take care of everything related to the painting of your home.

In commercial

For your renovation projects of your commercial premises, you can trust us for interior and exterior painting. With our quality paints applied to your business premises, you can be sure that the look of your boutique or restaurant is sure to change with a new and modern allure.

The appearance of the paint on your business premises greatly influences the image of your establishment. A beautiful painting brings a good image to your business. This indicates that you are caring and that you offer quality products. These are the details that customers judge you in.

In industrial

We offer painting work for all of your industrial areas. Whether it is ground marking, the delimitation of safety zones or other signs in quays and industrial premises, we are at your service to offer you quality services.

In the institutional

The various institutions present in Montreal can call on Peintres Montreal Inc. to renovate the interior and exterior painting of their buildings. Whatever the height of your buildings, let us paint them in their entirety with impeccable quality and unmatched speed.

Why choose Peintres Montréal Inc.?

Why prefer us to other painting providers in Montreal? Here are the strengths that set us apart from the competition and that will convince you to use our services.

Our professionalism

We provide you with a professional team as well as highly sophisticated equipment to overcome all tasks revolving around interior or exterior painting. Each technician is equipped with safety devices for working at height as well as eye protection equipment against splashes of paint products.

We are also committed to respecting the deadlines for completion of the work. This is a promise we hold dear to our customers.

Our competence and our experience

We have a team of highly qualified professional painters with many years of experience. Whatever the architecture of your building, the complexity of the work or the height of the facade, we are the service provider who can meet your needs.

Our affordable rates

Among the many suppliers in painting work in all of Montreal, we can assure you that we are among those who offer the most affordable rates on the market. We ensure that our customers benefit from an exemplary quality of service, but at a price well within the reach of their purses.

Our flexibility

We can supply all the materials you need to paint your buildings without you having to worry about anything else. We work with the best paint brands to guarantee the quality of our services.

You can also provide the painting and let us do the labor only. However, we recommend the first option so that we can ensure the quality of the product and the durability of our work, thereafter.

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