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Easily find your residential, commercial and institutional painter at Peintres Montréal Inc. Our company specializes in home painting in Canada and mainly in Montreal and the surrounding area. Among our services, interior painting services are in great demand in the region. We take care of one or more rooms or even the whole of your establishment or your home. We study the feasibility of your painting project free of charge.

Why renew the interior painting of a home?

After 4 to 5 years, wall surfaces will fade and your interior space will begin to lose its beautiful appearance. The durability of the paint may even be shortened if the space is exposed to moisture. If you want to revive your interior with a brushstroke, we recommend that you hire a professional house painter.

We put at your disposal the best painters in Montreal. In addition to the walls and stairwells, every corner of your interior space will also be repainted according to your needs. We guarantee a meticulous and fast work in your presence, or not.

If you also want to change the mood of one or more rooms inside your house, your best bet would be to do a new paint. We use the best products and, with the know-how of our agents, the old paint is completely hidden.

Why do you need to hire a professional for interior painting?

Although interior painting may seem easy at first, it is safer to leave it to a professional. An expert painter conducts an evaluation visit of your painting project before getting started. It also relieves you of the heavy task of preparing all the areas to be painted. Field agents then cover your furniture and floors in a professional manner. Which would be a bit complicated if you decide to take care of the renovation of your interior space yourself.

The preparatory stage also includes restoring the condition of the walls by plugging holes and cracks. It is also possible to make several small necessary repairs to partitions, ceilings, stair handrails … If there is wallpaper and other similar objects, remember to remove them.

For the application of paint, only a qualified house painter is able to perform a complex construction without risk. As a professional, he is committed to delivering satisfactory results. However, if you do paint your house yourself, there are some interior space layouts that wouldn’t make it easy.

To make your life easier, it is better to call in an expert. In addition, Peintres Montréal Inc. offers low cost services. We invite you to choose from a wide variety of services.

The interior painting process with Peintres Montréal Inc.

  1. Preparation of surfaces to be painted, including moving and covering furniture and objects;
  2. Installation of the floor protection system to prevent damage from dripping paint;
  3. Repair and sanding of the walls if necessary;
  4. Application of products according to the needs of the place: primer, coats of paint;
  5. Room and furniture storage;
  6. Cleaning the place;
  7. Inspection work.

Why choose Peintres Montréal Inc. for your interior painting project?

  • We operate in all sectors: residential, commercial and institutional;
  • Our prices are competitive;
  • Our quality products are durable and would not put you in danger;
  • Our working method is constantly being improved;
  • Our professional painters guarantee you a job without unpleasant surprises even in the event of a complex project;
  • We take into account the design of your interior space in our realization;
  • We guarantee delivery on time;
  • Our interior paint job meets the strict standards demanded in Canada;
  • Our customer support is responsive and our services are easily accessible;
  • We consult your project and deliver your submission for free and a transparent quote;
  • We do relevant inspection work after the paint is applied.

Services adapted to your needs

Peintres Montréal Inc. is at your disposal for all your interior painting projects. We tailor our services to your needs and the general layout of your home. We agree to work flexible hours in case you still have a busy schedule. We have meticulous work in store for you and we keep you up to date with our progress.

In terms of price, our quality services are among the cheapest in Montreal and its surroundings. Whatever your budget, we study your proposals. By choosing Peintres Montréal Inc., you can order the same services as elsewhere while having the opportunity to save money.

Our interior painting services in Montreal

  • Our expert advice on color choices based on the mood to create in each room;
  • The cutting job;
  • Any other preparation work for the surface to be painted;
  • Applying paint to walls, baseboards, ceilings;
  • The application of paint on doors and stairwells, steps, risers and floors, floors according to customer requests;
  • Stripping and sanding work if necessary;
  • Painting bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, hallways, basements, garages and more;
  • Interior painting for new construction;
  • Other ancillary missions such as staining woodwork, surfacing certain furniture and others.

How to contact us?

Would you like to refresh the interior of your home or workplace? Owners or tenants, we are ready to welcome you and satisfy you according to your project. Contact us online by email or phone. We will quickly send you your free quote. Visit our Painters Montreal Inc. website for a complete overview of our interior painting services.

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