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To enhance the exterior of your building, a beautiful paint is a must. But it is also necessary to make the beauty of the other elements of your yard or garden, in particular your metal or wooden fences and your barriers. Whatever the material, these can be painted to be protected from the elements and last as long as possible.

At Peintres Montréal Inc., we do all of your renovation and new painting of your wood or metal fences and gates. Our expert technicians guarantee you work carried out in accordance with your expectations and with an exceptional quality of finish.

Regardless of the size and height of these devices, we take care of refurbishing them or applying new paints. With our team, your exterior will be resplendent and perfectly highlighted.

Fences and barriers, our specialty

The work of treating and painting wood and metal fences differs, due to their specificities. Our technicians are perfectly qualified to carry out work on different supports, whether on iron or wood.

Metal fences and barriers

Are your metal fences rusty and even corroded by sun, wind and rain? Painters Montreal Inc. specializes in painting this type of exterior element.

We provide you with a whole arsenal of sophisticated equipment to remove rust and old paint. We only paint on a perfectly clean surface from which every trace of rust has been carefully removed.

In addition, we use the best treatment products for your metal fences, gates, garden chairs and other metal items. We pre-apply a coat of anti-rust paint after cleaning the surface before moving on to the topcoats.

Wooden fences and barriers

Wood is a noble material that brings a particular elegance to your exterior to form your fences and barriers. Nevertheless, it tends to rot from constant exposure to sun, wind and rain.

Thus, to ensure the longevity of your wooden fence, specific treatments must be applied to it, in particular regular painting which is not as trivial a task as you might think. Fortunately, our expert painters at Peintre Montreal Inc. have the experience and know-how to renovate and bring a second life to your wooden fences and gates.

First and foremost, we carry out a complete stripping of the wood in order to effectively remove the old layer of paint and varnish on its surface. If, in places, your fence has damaged or almost rotten parts, we will repair them by replacing the sections that are no longer in good condition.

Full sanding is then performed to prepare the barrier or fence for painting. Before painting, we take care of applying an antiparasitic treatment to the wood. After this product has dried, we start the actual painting. Every detail is meticulously studied.

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